Arts in Conservation Education


EcoVoce, an ensemble from Northern Virginia, creates educational concert programs by combining their enthusiasm for music and nature. EcoVoce’s name comes from the words ecology and voce meaning voice in Italian. The group consists of three members: Denise Freeland, soprano and founder of EcoVoce; Susan Hayes, flutist; and Narciso Solero, pianist. Its music, which is mainly classical with nature-inspired themes, has encouraged larger discussions and new outlooks on conservation. The Ensemble often incorporates multimedia, or other arts components, to enhance the “nature” experience of a concert program. EcoVoce’s tenth anniversary theme (in 2008) was “Another Way to Be,” which inspired the public to look at the natural world in another way. EcoVoce not only produces programs to perform in classrooms, but has also performed in a wide variety of settings including nature centers, concert halls, and outdoor amphitheaters. With its commitment to conservation education, EcoVoce is recognized both nationally and internationally for its inspirational and environmentally educational music.

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Denise Freeland (far right), soprano and founder of EcoVoce, engages students in a musical session with seashells. Photo Courtesy of Ford Nature Center, Alexandria, Virginia

Denise Freeland, founder and soprano of EcoVoce, sings “Haiku Miniatures” by Aaron Blumenfeld with a dynamic visual presentation. Photo courtesy of EcoVoce

Denise Freeland, founder and soprano; Narciso Solero, pianist; and Susan Hayes, flutist (left to right) comprise the three members of EcoVoce, an environmentally knowledgeable ensemble from Northern Virginia. Photo courtesy of EcoVoce