VFest: Afr naming ceremony

Suggested Reading

Yoruba Art and Ritual in Nigeria

Yoruba Ritual: Performers, Play, Agency. by Margaret Thompson Drewal. 1992, Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
This is a scholarly book written engagingly on Yoruba ceremony as in the context of traditional practice in southwestern Nigeria. Margaret Drewal writes of how Yoruba peoples see rituals (including those concerned with naming) as journeys. She describes the practice of a traditional religious specialist as performance. A chapter is included entitled New Beginnings in which the author describes a naming ceremony in Nigeria.
The Yoruba Artist: New Theoretical Perspectives on African Arts .eds. Rowland Abiodun, Henry J. Drewal, and John Pemberton III. 1994: Washington, D.C. Smithsonian Institution Press.

African Foods

Cooking the African Way. by Constance Nabwire & Bertha Vining Montgomery. Photographs by Robert L. & Diane Wolfe. 1988 Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company.
This cookbook is geared towards easy reading and younger cooks. It contains a brief general introduction to the land , the people , and the food which notes the diversity of these features of the African continent.

African Names

Names From Africa: Their Origin, Meaning and Pronunciation by Ogonna Chuks-orji. 1972, Chicago: Johnson Publishing Company.
Contains lists of names sorted by gender, from many African sources, including Yoruba names. Includes a commentary on African names and naming.

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21 April 1996