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Bohai Mohe Embroidery

Bohai Mohe Embroidery

Spotlight on the art and innovation of Sun Yanling, a Chinese artist at the 2014 Folklife Festival.

Beyond the Land of Snows

Beyond the Land of Snows

A one-hour documentary about the Tibetan culture program at the 2000 Folklife Festival

Generations of Furniture-Making

Levente Lehel Sütő and Fourteen Generations of Folk Furniture-Making

The Art of Tattooing

The Art of Tattooing

This online exhibition profiles the works and life of tattoo artist Charles “Coco” Bayron

Arts in Conservation Education

Arts in Conservation Education

Works of art help us better understand our connections to the natural world

Forest Service, Culture, and Community

Forest Service, Culture, and Community

An educational exhibition inspired by the 2005 Folklife Festival

Water Ways

Water Ways: Mid-Atlantic Maritime Communities

An educational exhibition inspired by the 2004 Folklife Festival

Navigating the Mekong

Navigating the Mekong

An educational exhibition inspired by the 2007 Folklife Festival


Bringing you the best of Smithsonian Folkways music

Mekong Lifeways: The stories of six communities

A collaborative project of the Smithsonian, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, and An Giang University

The Art of Tattooing

The Festival Puli

Gábor Miklós Szőke – A Contemporary Hungarian Artist


Assembling the Smithsonian Folklife Festival: A Journey into the 2011 Colombia Program

Malian Bogolan

Malian Bogolan

An educational exhibition inspired by the 2003 and 2011 Folklife Festivals

Tribute to a Generation: National WWII Reunion

Explore the largest gathering of WWII veterans since the war ended in 1945

The Silk Road

Experience the story of the Silk Road as it weaves in and out of cities across Europe and Asia

Creativity & Resistance: Maroon Culture in the Americas

An online exhibit and teacher’s guide to this chapter in the fight to end slavery


What is a border? Who lives on a border? Is there a border culture?

A Nigerian Yoruba Naming Ceremony in the Washington, DC Area

A feature from the African Immigrant Folklife Study project

Folkways Featured Artists

Biographies of and interviews with traditional music artists