Many people deserve praise for the fruition of the 1999 conference and the present book. The contributors and other conference participants are of course crucial, and their contributions are documented in at least some measure in this volume. Many volunteers made the meeting work, taking notes, seeing to participants’ needs — in general, helping to create the infrastructure of an international meeting. Translators, financial administrators, transportation specialists, and many other professionals also performed crucial tasks. Thanked here by name are those who came together specifically for the project, oversaw a portion of its development, and contributed by their work to the articulation of its central themes. Among them are people who: defined the subject matter of the conference, suggested participants, communicated with them, developed formats for meetings and book, and directly oversaw or adivsed about the production of the conference event and the publishing of this volume. Many deserve recognition and gratitude for more than one category of contribution. The names of these crucial people appear in the order of the alphabet.

Noriko Aikawa, Linda Benner, Carla Borden, Caroline Brownell, Andy Buckman, Olivia Cadaval, Maria Elena Cepeda, Brenna Dailey, Shelton Davis, James Early, Dawn Elvis, Kristen Fernekes, John W. Franklin, Amy Horowitz, Peter Jaszi, Richard Kurin, Enrique Lamadrid, Lisa Maiorino, Anthony McCann, Jonathan McCollum, Sherylle Mills, Leslie Prosterman, Chad Redwing, Pam Rogers, Mara Schlimm, Anthony Seeger, Peter Seitel, Kenn Shrader, Brad Simon, Kate Stinson, Barbara Strickland

Grateful acknowledgement is also made to the financial sponsors of the conference and publication, the Smithsonian Institution, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UNESCO/Japan Funds in Trust), the U.S. Department of State, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.