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Ann Eunson (Shetland)
—An excellent knitter, Eunson will be demonstrating the making of traditional Shetland "white" or "wedding ring" shawls - so called because a well-made one is fine enough to be pulled through the womb of a ring. She spins wool from her own shed into one-ply strands and uses that to make her shawl.
May MacCormick (Sanquhar)
—Raised in the countryside just outside of Sanquhar, Mrs. MacCormick has deep ties to this remote area of southwest Scotland. She is one of the few craftspeople who still knit in the black-and-white Sanquhar style, using ancient, complex, and beautiful patterns which are rarely seen outside her immediate area. She has repeatedly won local awards for her extraordinary craftsmanship, and is also an enthusiastic spokesperson for Sanquhar, Dumfries & Galloway, and southwest Scotland.
Anne Sinclair (Fair Isle)
—A master knitter, Sinclair traces her Fair Isle roots back to at least 1690. She learned patterned knitting and other Fair Isle crafts from her mother; and presently four generations of her family are involved in indigenous craft production. Trained as a teacher, she has researched, lectured, and published material on Fair Isle history, folklore, culture, and dialect, and is also an excellent singer.
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