Design a Ndjuka Style House Front

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Fashion a Patchwork Cape

Saramaka Cassava Cakes


        To provide students the opportunity to understand the relationship that exists between Saramaka Maroon foodways traditions and their functional aesthetics.


        The visual aesthetic of display in Saramaka communities carries over into food preparation. Saramaka Maroon women in Suriname make cakes from cassava (manioc) and decorate the entire surface with beautiful designs drawn with their fingers. Then they sift a thin layer of flour over the top and bake the cakes on a large round griddle over barely smoldering fire to be eaten in pieces or with broth. These are designs Saramaka women bake into cassava cakes. They have specific names as indicated.


Activity- Make and design Saramaka "cassava cakes"

Materials - Clay, Play-doŽ, or plaster on a flat surface

  • Using clay, Play-doŽ, or plaster make your own "cassava" cake designs.

  • Using your fingers decorate them with your own design or combination of designs.

  • Assign a name to each of your decorative designs.