Tropical Rainforest Resources
Additional Information

Some favorite and familiar tropical rainforest area foods and products

Avocado Macadamia nuts
Breadfruit Manioc/tapioca
Brazil nuts Mayonnaise (coconut oil)
Cane sugar (Saccharin officious, indigenous to the Far East) Okra
Cassava Papaya
Chayote Passion fruit
Chewing gum (chicle latex) Plantain
Eucalyptus oil (cough drops, perfumes) Star anise
Guava Tolu balsam oil (cough drops, confections, soap, cosmetics
Hearts of palm Vermouth (cascarilla oil)

Pharmaceuticals derived from tropical plants

Annato- Red dye
Curare- Muscle relaxant for surgery
Diogenin- Arthritis and Asthma treatments, steroids, birth control pills, sex hormones
Quassia- Insecticide
Quinine- Anti-malarial treatment, pneumonia treatment
Reserpine- Sedative, tranquilizer
Strophanthus- Heart disease
Strychnine- Emetic, stimulant
Tuba root- Rotenone, flea dip

Other Precious Resources from the Tropical Rainforest




Anthurium Philodendron
Bromelaids Rubber trees (Ficus sp.)
Croton Sanserveria
Dieffenbachia Schefflera
Dracena Spathiphullum
Fiddle-leaf fig Swiss Cheese Plant
Parlor Ivy Zebra Plant


Bamboo Furniture, baskets
Jute/ hemp Rope, burlap
Kapol Insulation, soundproofing, lifejackets
Raffia Rope, Cord, Baskets
Ramie Cotton-ramie fabric, fishing line
Rattan Furniture, wickerwork, baskets, chair seats


Bay Oil Perfumes
Camphor Oil Perfumes, soap, disinfectant, deodorant
Cascarilla Oil Confections, beverages
Coconut Oil Suntan lotion, candles
Eucalyptus Oil Perfumes, cough drops
Guaic Oil Perfumes
Palm Oil Shampoo, detergents
Patchouli Oil Perfumes
Rosewood Oil Perfumes, cosmetics, flavorings
Sandalwood Oil Perfumes
Oil of Star-Anise Scenting, confections, beverages, cough drops
Tola Balsam Oil Confections, soaps, cosmetics, cough drops
Ylang-ylang Perfumes

Gums & Resins

Chicle latex Chewing gum
Copaiba Perfumes, fuel
Copal Paints and varnishes
Gutta percha Golf ball covers
Rubber latex Rubber products
Tung oil Wood finishing